How to Modify Your Rental Property

How to Modify Your Rental Property

Call us for tenant improvement construction in Los Angeles, based in Winnetka and Canoga Park, CA

Do you want to build or update an income property? Is it time to upgrade your rental property to get it ready for new tenants? If you need help with tenant improvements in Winnetka, CA, you can get in touch with KWM Construction Corporation. We can handle the entire process, from the initial design to the final touches. You can rely on us to take care of:

  • Permit approvals
  • Layout designs
  • Framing installations
  • Flooring installations
  • Drywall installations
We have a crew we can bring in to help us with larger jobs, too. Call KWM Construction Corporation today to hire an experienced tenant improvement contractor in Winnetka, CA.

Get your space ready for renters

Have your renters moved out and now it’s time to upgrade the space? KWM Construction Corporation will get started on your vacancy renovation. We can also divide an office space so that it’s set up efficiently for multiple renters. Call a construction contractor in Winnetka, CA to schedule your tenement improvements